Di Milan

From Circle Of The Crone

The di Milan are those Daeva who can trace their lineage to Julia Kincaid, who serves as Matriarch to the family. While the lineage itself is not an 'Acolyte' lineage, their Matriarch's long membership within the Acolytes has tended to make this lineage more sympathetic to the Acolytes, regardless of what covenant the member is actually part of.

It is suspected to be both large and influential, with some (such as Roland le Moissonner) making no attempt to hide their connection to the Matriarch, but the exact numbers of the lineage remains unclear. Unlike other lineages, they do not commonly make use of a shared last name. While the numbers of this lineage joining the ranks of the Acolytes has started increasing of late, the family claims members in all other Covenants, including (some whisper) the Lancea Sanctum.

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